Who we are: As Catholic Christians we gather together as a community of believers who lovingly and joyfully care for one another in Jesus’ name. The CFLC celebrates the family and focuses on strengthening our Catholic family households, building up the St. Philip Neri faith community, revitalizing inactive members, and reaching out to our Catholic sisters and brothers in neighboring parishes. Our programs unique approach will focus on the entire family by providing educational, cultural, and spiritual programs and events. The Founder of the Catholic Family Life Center and Pastor of St Philip Neri Church, Reverend Robert Roncase, firmly believes that by “building families we also build faith”!

“How precious is the family as the privileged place for transmitting the faith!” -Pope Francis

Our Mission: To strengthen family life for the Catholic community of believers by gathering together so that we may joyfully come to know the love of Christ. St. Philip Neri ~ “Saint of a Joyful Heart”.

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Protection Prayer to St. Michael for the Catholic Family Life Center


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