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September 14, 2018

Letter from the Pastor:
Many years ago, 36 years in fact, God spoke to me about a Catholic Family Life Center. Upon placing that idea in my mind, I thought that it was a good idea. After that, I completely forgot about the idea and went on with my Priesthood. God planted that seed in my mind and then when the time was right and God was ready to begin the undertaking in full and incredible force, the seed burst into full bloom.

This year, we celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of the Catholic Family Life Center. Not my idea, but God’s command. Why you ask? I have come to realize it is because of evil’s attack on Marriage and the Family Life. God’s response is to build up marriage and the family. For it is here that the Seed of Faith grows.
In the beginning, there was a great struggle, as evil did not want this endeavor to happen and there at times is still resistance today.

However, nothing can defeat God’s will and desire. So today and this year, we celebrate the Catholic Family Life Center.
God’s response is here now to help defeat the forces of evil that are committed to destroy Faith and Family. God’s will be done! For with Him we are committed to strengthen Family Life so that the Faith may be known and lived.
Praise Be God!

May Saint Michael our Patron, protect our Catholic Family Life Center.
Father Robert A. Roncase, Pastor
St. Philip Neri Church
1325 Klinerd Road
Pennsburg, PA 18073

Message from the Director of the Catholic Family Life Center:

Congratulations to all the faithful and friends of St. Philip Neri Church on this the 5th Anniversary of the Catholic Family Life Center.

As your Director, I am proud to say that the CFLC has evolved into much more than originally intended. We are a place to build community among our fellow Catholic Christians, we provide an avenue for Evangelization and we live the Corporal Works of Mercy. We are the church in action!

On behalf of the CFLC Planning Committee members, we extend our sincere appreciation for your loyal participation and thank God for the success of the CFLC.

See you at the CFLC 5th Anniversary Kick-Off on Sunday, September 16, and remember to extend an invitation to a family member or friend to come along.

Tom Dewees, Director
St. Philip Neri Catholic Family Life Center
26 East 6th Street
East Greenville, PA 18041
Phone: 215-679-2237

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